A working sunday

11 May 2014

A working sunday

A working Sunday for all. People gathered around pitching in to build FEUP designed ARGOS tags with a tether. From left: Filipe, Renato, Jorge Fontes, Nuno, João, Fortuna and Ana Couto.
Lara burning the right length of the tether.
Ana assembling the tethers to the ARGOS tags.
Assembled tags numbered and accounted for on the pool table at the farm house.
ARGOS and SPOT tags side by side for comparisons. Their resins are quite different as is the placement of the antenna.
The intended way for the ARGOS tag to float in the water; this in the farm house pool.
Assembled FEUP designed SPOT tags marked for deployment these coming weeks.
Lara, Renato and Ana working on ARGOS tag assembly. Frédéric at the back working on new message visualization code.
The dummy (styrofoam) Mola designed by Nuno which will be deployed by the UAV team with a tethered SPOT tag for visually ID-ing from the air in Vila Real de Santo António
Taping the 'fish' to make it visually look like the real thing; from left Filipe, Nuno and Joao Pereira.
Filipe with the simulated Mola.
Meanwhile an animated discussion between Artur and Joel on UAVs and piloting; Jorge with his back to the camera, working after a swim.
João at work in the front patio.
The simulated Mola with tag being tested in the pool.
Jorge Fontes checking out the Seacon AUV.
Frédéric taking a break from programming.
End of day fun, just before dinner.

Sunday was not precisely a day of 'rest'. Just slightly slower paced with the meticulous tag making process consuming a lot of man (and woman) hours of the team. With the morning effectively working on that, João and Kanna strategized with João Pereira and Nuno Queiroz on Mola numbers in the Tuna pen (they start dwindling about now, so we need to get to the water) and doing contingency planning for boats, including calling up local fishing boats which can be adequate to deploying the AUVs if not flying the UAVs from their decks.

A brief respite with a (soggy) pizza lunch and continuing work on tags and planning. It was suggested that with no ops on the water on Monday (12th) that the AUV team stands down while the UAV team could test how flying and imaging a tag from 100m would look. Nuno constructed a fake 'Mola' out of styrofoam and it was taped to look like the real thing and a tag was tethered to it. Come Monday, with the help of the Maritime Police we hope to deploy this 'Mola' near Vila Real de Santo António and fly UAVs just like we did Friday.  Four real Mola's in turn are going to be tagged and released by Nuno and his team in anticipation of an AUV mission on board a hired vessel or a Navy vessel Tuesday morning.

Of course with the understanding that 'all work and no play, makes Jack a ...' everyone took the later afternoon off and letting off steam by jumping in the pool. A short dinner at our regular restaurant followed with a return to the farm house by 10pm in anticipatio for the next days activities.