AUV field trials and WaveGlider training at sea

02 May 2014

AUV field trials and WaveGlider training at sea

FEUP AUVs and Manta communication gateways ready for deployment Porto Harbor, Leixoes
Paulo Dias and Joao Pereira during the deployment at Leixoes
A view from the AUV with the deployment boat nearby, at Leixoes
2D plot of upper water column data based on the CTD on the FEUP AUV, just off Leixoes
R/V Diplodus, the IPMA research vessel at the dock in Ohlao. Diplodus will be the center of our operations for the next three weeks in tracking Ocean Sunfish with aerial, surface and underwater vehicles.
Ryan Carlon (Liquid Robotics), Joao Fortuna and Ricardo (Joel) Gomes of FEUP on shore in Ohlao preparing for a WaveGlider deployment.
FEUP researcher Joao Fortuna being trained by Ryan Carlon of Liquid Robotics on assembling the WaveGlider in Ohlao.
FEUP researchers Fortuna and Joel helping with loading the WaveGlider on the R/V Diplodus.
Ryan Carlon making final preparations for launching the WaveGlider for training operations off of the R/V Diplodus.
Joel (left center) and Ryan right getting the WaveGlider ready for deployment off of Ohlao.
WaveGlider Hermes being deployed for training purposes from the R/V Diplodus.
Fortuna and Diplodus crew recovering the Waveglider. Repeated launch and recovery helped the FEUP crew train for evening WG operations off of Ohlao.
The underwater glider of the WaveGlider being recovered at the end of the day on the R/V Diplodus.
WaveGlider Hermes finally back on deck on the R/V Diplodus, May 2nd off the coast of Ohlao.

Parts of the team continued to work thru the May 1st holiday. On Friday the 2nd, we continued tests of communications and AUV operations at the Porto harbor in Leixoes while tags continued to be potted in the lab back at FEUP.


Simultaneaously the small group of Joao Fortuna, Ricardo (Joel) Gomes and Artur Zolich (NTNU) were trained on WaveGlider (WG) operations. They were also expected to go out in the morning and figure out how to launch and recover the WG. However, a hitch with the Diplodus's crane led to a lack of training in the morning; the Diplodus crew however managed to get things back under control and late afternoon, she set sail from Olhão harbor with the WG onboard. Fortuna and Joel were then trained out at sea (in calm waters) by Ryan Carlon of Liquid Robotics. Thanks to LRI!

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