The great cleanup....for a day of interaction

21 May 2014

The great cleanup....for a day of interaction

ONR Global PM Ellen Livingston flew in from London to review the project and talk to all the participants. Here she interacts with the science team.
The day was packed with details of what we had done. Ellen patiently listened to our work and complemented us all on the effort.
Presentations followed with short breaks in between. Lara talking about the Molas and tagging.
Presentations followed with short breaks in between. Zé talked about the HUB and Neptus.
Frédéric talking about T-REX and deliberation on AUVs and UAVs.
Frederik Leira talked about AMOS and NTNU and their participation in the project.
But before the visitors came, everyone was busy cleaning up. Not that we were a messy bunch; but to leave a good impression.
Ellen interacting with our women graduate students.
Javier talking about the success of modeling and prediction.
Kanna talking about the overall experiment goals, including the important role of outreach.
João looking to the future of such experiments in monitoring and surveillance of MPAs.
Ellen too gave a short pitch about ONR Global and its role.
Viewing the hardware and software.
Another visitor that day was Lars Lovlie of the Norwegian Defense Establishment (FFI) who has an interest in UAVs.

Wednesday morning saw a large number of people awake early and running around cleaning, ordering and washing up the central room and its surroundings. Mops were scarce as well dish washing sponges and order was the call of the day with a rapid reconfiguration of the furniture. All in time for the visit of our ONR Global Program Manager's visit, Dr. Ellen Livingston who had flown in from London. Joining her was Lars Lovlie of Norway's Defense Research Establishment (FFI) who had come from Oslo.


Presentations were made, questions were asked and details were provided for a long day which went all thru lunch (at the local dive in Tavira which served excellent fish for a bargain) and continued well thru the afternoon. Ellen complemented the team and told us that despite all the setbacks due to uncontrollables (ship and weather in particular) we had achieved a lot. And indeed we had. She encouraged all participants to think of ONR Global for funding, which while modest was good for networking and seed funds. Freshly squeezed orange juice and expresso notwithstanding, the end of the day say all happy and tired.


Dinner was at a new place in a small town outside Tavira, St. Luzia. Table tennis commenced late in the night with the relief of the review over and that we had done a good job in presenting our work.