UPorto biology PhD student Lara Sousa of CIBIO, working in the Tuna pen deploying test tags on live Mola. The objective is to test whether these tags survive in the open and to get a perspective on how the Mola's are likely to behave over time.
05 May 2014

Mob-ing, UAV tests and tagging Molas

Monday May 5th was a busy day getting a number of Mola's tagged, mobilizing equipment on the R/V Diplodus and performing UAV tests.

FEUP AUVs and Manta communication gateways ready for deployment Porto Harbor, Leixoes
02 May 2014

AUV field trials and WaveGlider training at sea

Parts of the team continued to work thru the May 1st holiday. On Friday the 2nd, we continued tests of communications and AUV operations at the Porto harbor in Leixoes while tags continued to be potted in the lab back at FEUP.

Nuno Queiroz and Filipe Ferreira giving a talk at High School Jose Regio, Vila do Conde, Porto region
30 April 2014

Outreach day and final preparations

On April 29th a small group from FEUP, Univ. of Porto, visited High School Jose Regio, in Vila do Conde in the Porto region.

IPIMAR research vessel R/V Diplodus.
29 April 2014

Readiness Review

On Monday April 28th, the project conducted the final Readiness Review at the Faculty of Engineering, Univ.